Using Passion to Overcome In-App Friction

We focus on engaging female sports fans around the passion they have for their favorite team.

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Trivia, Scores & Rosters

We provide hourly trivia contests, scores, schedules, rosters and more.   While they interact with this content they see branded rewarded videos that generate revenue for us which we share with them in the form of points.

Players use those points for entry into contests and for guaranteed rewards.  They can select from hundreds of thousands of licensed gear rewards (from our partner Fanatics), gift cards, and other custom rewards!

Daily Actions

As players start to earn toward their goal their first question is usually “How can I earn more FASTER?!”

To facilitate this we enable players to turn their daily actions into rewards.

Nearly all of our players are gamers. We recruit them on Facebook because they    their favorite team and one of the many popular casual games.

Setup Daily Actions

Player Targeting

So when players are ready to earn more points we know they already like to play certain Match 3 games or they love RPG! We offer them points to use similar games for several weeks.

This helps our sponsors create a cadence with them and gets their ideal customer completing meaningful actions in their app.

Our players earn points each day they use the app, when they reach new levels or accomplish tasks like registration or in-app purchase.

Start Targeting

ROI Goal

The actions vary between partners but we work to ensure each player is creating long term value for our sponsors.

After the rewards stop many of our players continue to use the apps they like and love!

Our goal is to find the right price that makes this a great return on investment for our sponsors!

About Us

We’re the people behind Influence Mobile. Learn about what makes us tick.

Daniel Todd

CEO / Co-Founder

Gabe Coyne

CTO / Co-Founder

Megan Brockavich

Director of Operations

Katherine Todd

Account Manager

Bill Dias


Daniel Shelton


Joshua Rudio







No Current Job Openings

Download one of our Louder Reward’s apps to see how it works. Which team is your favorite?

Fans Love Our Apps

Becky StahlOctober 9, 2017

“I've already gotten a sticker and an Amazon gift card, this app is so awesome!!”

Lilca BoatmanMarch 11, 2017

“Easy way to earn free gear from your favorite teams, or gift cards. if u got 20-30mins a day to kill and like free stuff this is the app to try.”

Kathy CarnesMarch 9, 2016

I enjoy this app daily...I absolutely love it..I get totally free gear just for doing what I already enjoy”

Chrissy AndersonJanuary 18, 2017

“I'm getting free steelers gear! I can't say enough awesome things about this can't live without app

Angela CalderonJanuary 11, 2017

“Love this app I gotten all kinds of things and won like 100 in gift cards.”

Megan YinglingApril 14, 2017

Love this app. Earning free stuff is always great but I actually keep apps that I like best and have found awesome apps on this. Just redeemed my first reward. Awaiting delivery!”

Mar'Lee ShumwayAugust 12, 2016

“Whooo hoo Read great stuff about my amazing team and get gear. Can we say touch down

April BladenFebruary 13, 2017

I love this app! I have earned a $25 gift card to Amazon and just ordered my first gear item!! Can't wait til it gets here!! Love!!”

Dawn OtstotNovember 7, 2015

“Only had this a month and just redeemed my first gear.. it's simple and doesn't require any money out of pocket..”

Wesley WomackDecember 5, 2015

“Love it!!! Best app I've ever found. Had it for about 3 weeks and just got a pair of dodger shoes for free!!”

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