Brian DeWeese

April 18th, 2017 by admin

This musician-turned-Developer was born in Sacramento, California, grew up on Whidbey Island, Washington, then moved to Ohio in 1995 for school. Brian went to The Ohio State University with an interest in Marketing, then dropped out to pursue a career in music with his wife, better-half and band-mate, Maery. This rockstar moved again to boost his music career by touring colleges in the Midwest and East coast. His interest in design and development started when he needed posters/website/promo-materials/and cd-designs for music aspirations. Eventually, he got enough pro-skills to get hired as a designer/developer when not touring.
Brian’s first daughter, Isabella, was born in 2005 and that’s when they packed up from Ohio and moved back to Seattle.
In 2009, Brian became passionate about mobile development, now he’s always learning new technologies and keeps side projects going as an extra challenge. Currently living in Shoreline with wife and 3 kids, when not coding or being fatherly, Brian spends time gaming, making beats, playing Tabla and Drum Kit, learning guitar, and seeking the space between thoughts with meditation.

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