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Need a puzzle solver? Savannah Krenzel is the one you call. She has a positive attitude with every problem she faces and the ability to troubleshoot just about anything! Glass half full? Ask Savannah…and she would say it is.
To top it off, Savannah has done it all! She started with Influence Mobile in 2013 helping support our customer’s needs. Now, she is developing software! Talk about well-rounded. She graduated Philadelphia University in 2009 with a BS in Interior Design, so when we are picking out colors for our office walls we know where to turn.
How did she end up with Influence Mobile you ask? After leaving school Savannah discovered her passion for web/graphic design…even going as far as teaching herself HTML when she first moved to Seattle (Savannah is not a Seattle native…she actually grew up in Colorado where her family still resides). She started her last role at Thinkspace where she was an admin assistant, but like I said before, with that go-get-em’ attitude Savannah was the Director of Operations by the time she left. While there she was able to nurture her love of customer service (yes, I said love) and technology. Influence Mobile really has gained a gem in the way of Savannah Krenzel.
Savannah spends most days solving technical problems with the development team. Away from the office her hobbies are about as lengthy as her resume. Whether at home or traveling the US, she continues to spread the happy with her husband and friends. Running? Ya, she loves to do that too…any 5/10k that has a cool theme (like jingle bells, bubbles, even chocolate) and Savannah is down. But best part of all? She loves to get a little nerdy. Yup, she is a self-proclaimed nerd. Video games? Comic books? Sci-fi? Savannah loves it all and here at Influence Mobile, we love her!
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