Gabe Coyne

CTO / Co-Founder

When you see a super ninja coder, words like “geek,” “dweeb” or “mega-nerd” likely pop right into mind. (It’s OK, we all do it.) Gabe Coyne is all that and more here at Influence Mobile. What about when you see a super ninja coder who is sporty, cool and can also design?
That’s when you rub your eyes, do a triple-take and realize you’re very likely having a spiritual experience.

Gabe Coyne is a rare specimen, indeed.
Not only does he know how to code, well, anything, he also harnesses his split personality to produce amazing designs and creative content. Oh, and let’s not forget that he’s a strapping sporty dude, who served as his high school’s quarterback and has produced nothing but male offspring (four amazing little guys).
Gabe got his first taste for startups shortly after college, working as a coder for Chameleon Data. After a few years of technical wheeling and dealing, he realized that his creative genius was choked to death by data, so he began freelancing and then landed a design job on the marketing team at Varolii.

Once he’d helped rebrand Varolii, built the company’s intranet and completed a bunch of snazzy design work, he transitioned to a design agency, Design Elements. This is where Gabe really started lighting the world on fire with his design work, supporting clients like Amazon, Vulcan and Green Car.
And once you know how to light the world on fire, it’s kind of easy to venture out on your own. And that’s just what Gabe did, politely removing the one-hour-each-way commute from his life and instead building up an impressive stable of freelance clients, both technical and creative. He even built his own content management platform, from which he built and hosted dozens of client websites.

Next, Gabe was called upon to serve, literally. He was recruited by his church to work full time on their web team and jumped at the chance, not only because he’s a ridiculously good human, but it also gave him opportunity to morph himself into a rails developer.

Our ninja coderpiller blossomed into a beautiful coderfly.
Not coincidentally, this is also around the time that lots of startup founders began contacting Gabe to come co-lead their next-big-deal operations. Alas, only Daniel Todd could woo Gabe properly, because of his awesomeness.
And the rest is history. Or, history in the making, if you will.